The effect of light on color choice in the interior

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Find out how to choose the right shade

To make repairs and choose a beautiful design is only half the story. It turns out that all your efforts can come to naught if you do not predelete attention to the lighting.
Here are only very well designed and assembled products that are extremely durable and are offered at affordable prices — led flood lights. Lighting also depends on the time of day.

To correctly determine the lighting, you need to understand that to push this issue must be from the primary color in the interior. The main color is always the color of the walls. Because the walls occupy the largest area.

How the light will affect the color of the walls and will be the determining factor in the choice of other furnishings.

Choosing the color of the walls in the house also consider your own preferences. For example, few people know, but each person perceives color differently. Someone red encourages an active life, and someone is acting aggressively.

To determine the color of the walls, aim at the color sample light of different intensity.

Architects, designers, and people are good at distinguishing shades can accurately determine how different light can change the color.

If you find it difficult to understand this detail from you to use services of an expert or see the tutorial on this topic. You can even take a little test: paint the wall the chosen color and to send him different types of lighting. The light in which the wall will look gorgeous and should be used in the interior.

The same technique can be used if you choose lighting for outdoor walls of a house or gazebo.

What you need to know?

The most important thing to know is that the morning and afternoon light make the color of the walls more intense. Sunny dining light, on the contrary, makes the color of the walls blurred. The evening light is called mixed, because in it the brightness of colors is neutral. The light that you turn on the night absorbs the warm shade of the walls and makes the color of the walls is cooler.

The color of the walls is greatly influenced by the location of the room. So, if the room is on the North side, then the wall will have a bluish tinge. In the room on the East side will be a green shade of the walls, the Western location of the walls will add orange color, and the southern room dobavitsya yellow-white color.

Knowing these features, you can always create a unique interior.

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