Interior design. What you need to know



Interior design. What you need to know

Why, it so happens that sometimes a small budget interior looks luxurious and expensive design, it looks dull and uninteresting?

It turns out to inetrior looked good during the repair need to follow a few principles.

The first layout

In planning future interior it is important to remember that the end result always depends on the layout. To see the result, you can use the visualization software design. This program can be found in the interior.

When planning the design, remember that the greatest attention should be devoted to the design of the bedroom. In the dream we spend a third of your life, and it is in the bedroom a person spends the most time.

After thoughtful design and layout you need to carefully choose the furniture in the bedroom. Large and comfortable mattress should be. Better, if it is orthopedic such as tempur cloud loft mattress review.

The second family

The interior design should always consider the needs of the family. Agree, the interior of the house where there lives a lonely man, different from the interior of the house is a large family.

Third — furniture

The furniture should be not only functional, but also durable. Sofa, chair, tables and chairs should be of the best quality and harmonize with the design of the room.

Fourth — decor

The decor in the interior should be required, because these little things make the interior unique.

Fifth, greens and more greens

If the interior use of green plants, it will only improve the design of the house. Even the palm tree planted in a pot will transform the look of any room. In addition, the plants will clean the house air.

Sixth — layers

To make the interior unique will help the use of technology layers in the interior. For example, put on a sofa or bed pillows in different shapes and colors. On the walls hang paintings.

Seventh — black color

The black color in the interior is usually ignored, but black accents can transform even the most simple interior. It can be a separate decorative elements in black, or black print on chairs, pillows or curtains.

Eighth — decor

Successfully used in the interior decorative items. Interior decoration should not only decorate it, but in harmony with each other. Such decorative panels make the interior recognizable, so that people associate it with the hosts.

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