What you need to know about the repair?



Money, plan, repair

Repair is a troublesome business and very expensive. It’s hard to start, and even harder to finish. How to make it so that the process does not drag out?

You need to calculate everything before the repair begins. Determine the amount that you have to spend.

A loan for repairs or business?

To speed up the process, you can take a loan from the bank. Only, before you go to the bank you need to think everything over. Sometimes, for starters, it is better to take out a loan in the bank for business development, if repairs in the apartment can wait.

For example, you take money from the bank, and invest them in your company, which is engaged in repair – credit repair biz. So you get a double benefit: you have professional masters and you, earn well, selling their services. Accordingly, in this case, you quickly return the loan taken from the bank, and you have enough money to start your own repair.

Noise and Law

Having made a decision on repair, pay attention to such a moment as noisy work.

What you need to know about the repair?

•    Under the law, such work can be carried out from nine am to seven PM

•    When carrying out a repair do not use the devices for more than 40 decibels

•    It is forbidden to carry out repair work on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays

•    By Law, the repair work can last no more than six hours a day

Repair work in the apartments must be completed in a three-month term. In case of receipt of complaints from the neighbors, the owner of the repair can be brought to administrative responsibility.

Before the repair, the owner of the apartment should warn the neighbors about the beginning of the work.

The most important thing in repair

The most important thing in repair is a clear plan. What? When? How many? It is the answers to these questions that should be the main ones in carrying out the work. You must include the amount for unforeseen expenses in the expense item.

When carrying out repairs, be sure to ask the master to make one common switch for all light sources in the apartment. So, you can turn on and off the light in the apartment with one hand movement.

In advance, take care of where you will transport construction waste. To take out the construction garbage in the yard and leave it there – not an option.

Carrying out repairs in the apartment, keep order throughout the house, remember the cleanliness during the repair work, this is your reputation and the guarantee of good relations with neighbors.

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